~   Cleveland Amory (via nevver)
~   "14 Lines from Love Letters or Suicide Notes" by David ‘Doc’ Luben  (via bruisedkneesclub)
~   Mary Oliver (via unmaiden)
~    Rob ThomasThe Thousand-Dollar Tan Line (via diluvie)
~   Margaret Atwood (via rabbitinthemoon)
~   Zadie Smith, On Beauty (via quotes-shape-us)
~   From To The Boy Who Exploded, To The Boy Who Drowned, To The Boy Who Fell From Stars by Nicole Blackman (via hush-syrup)

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~   Bohumil Hrabal, Harlequin’s Millions (via yesyes)
~   Sakutarō Hagiwara, Late Autumn, trans. Hiroaki Sato (via yesyes)
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